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Over the past 3 months, VMT Solutions has successfully completed Ten marine laser scanning projects (BWTS retrofit). In Vietnam, we are currently the only company that can provide accurate high-quality 3D laser scanning, drafting, designing and engineering services. In order to excel on these projects as field engineers we needed to have a complete understanding

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Virtual tour and online interactive visiting experiences One of the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown across the world has been that almost all cultural venues (museums, theaters, cinemas, Galerie arts, stores, etc.) are closed. So how they are coping with the current emergency, which strategies are they developing for the future scenarios, which of them

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Identifying bridge deformation using laser scanning data Linh Truong-Hong1, Roderik Lindenbergh1 1 Dept. of Geoscience & Remote Sensing, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands, (l.truong;   2 Dept. of Research and Development (R&D), VMT Solutions. ( Keywords: Bridge deformation; vertical clearance; laser scanning; point cloud; cell grid ABSTRACT Increasing traffic weights and aggressive environmental

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Why we are better than our competition? Challenge and/or Problem We use input data from our customers, what happens if the input data is not accurate enough? Based on our many years of experience, 80% of the point cloud data contains errors. Without our specially developed workflow and correction, these inaccuracies and errors would be

Challenge: A colored point cloud (.XYZ) is exported from Matterport (with Matterpak). We import this data into Recap. Here is an example how this looks like.   Matterport point clouds We can not import the point cloud data from Matterport directly into CAD and start tracing, modeling because their contains displacements and errors. Without adjustment,
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Creating 3D ArchiCAD Models from point cloud, you need reliable and qualified partner. Your company offers comprehensive services in various fields of monument and building surveying. But your clients can not work directly with the point cloud data? What they need are BIM models “ready-to-use”. Would you like to offer your service as a “one-stop

Residential Building Surveying | Creating 3D ArchiCAD Model from point cloud Tasks: – This residential building was surveyed in June 2019 and is being renovated. It consists of 6 buildings with more than 100 apartments, a shopping arcade, restaurant, coffee shop, a discounter, shops, etc. The customer needs a 3D ArchiCAD model and 2D plans.