point cloud to bim

Point cloud to BIM

Our strength is the two- and three-dimensional, accurate CAD modeling from your point cloud data. We are aware of our responsibility: Your valuable point cloud data deserves the best evaluation standards.

Point cloud to BIM / CAD Services

Point clouds to 3D

More than just plans. The 3D CAD model is our favorite, the cost-benefit ratio is the highest for all project participants. From 3D CAD models you can generate any sections, elevations and facades.
The real building is created to the millimeter based on the as-built drawings in the CAD you prefer, you can order the scope of the evaluation exactly according to your needs.
In the many years of experience in the field of point cloud to CAD service, we have further developed and optimized our work processes with specially developed software and a well-rehearsed team.

Point clouds to 2D

Highly accurate and detailed. For you we create reliable plans for every construction project. The creation of such 2D CAD plans is therefore the first task for successful planning.
Precision and accuracy has always been ingrained in our workflow and philosophy. Get complete and high quality floor plans, sections and elevations evaluated from your point cloud data.
Working with an experienced partner like VMT Solution gives you planning security by ensuring that the plans you receive correspond to reality. This way you avoid surprises and additional costs during the execution of your project.


Point clouds to BIM

Effective and feasible solutions. Outsourcing BIM services is showing a dramatically increasing trend due to the high demand for CAD and BIM services.It has proven to be an effective and viable solution that allows companies to save time and effort.
For a BIM model, we can incorporate existing plan information into the evaluation. The as-built plan information and the digital record are presented in separate layers.
Thanks to our many years of experience and innovations in the field of digital, three-dimensional BIM modeling of structures, we can guarantee the required quality and accuracy of the data.


Reasons why you should rely on the services of VMTS

Cost reduction

Experts like VMTS, who specialize in one area, work out the desired result for you faster and more efficiently.

Increasing effectiveness

By outsourcing secondary functions, your company has the opportunity to focus more on its core competencies again.

Time saving

While internal employees would still have to familiarize themselves with the subject matter, VMTS can already deliver high-quality results.

Quality improvement

Benefit from the work of experienced point cloud to CAD professionals educated and trained to Swiss quality standards.

When the solution is simple, VMTs is answering

Here you will receive your customized offer 

At the beginning there is always a personal exchange with the customer, we record the requirements and ideas of our customers in order to create an offer tailored to your needs.