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3D Laser Scanning

3D laser scanning provides a high level of accuracy to any project requiring field measurements or as-builts. Our 3D laser scanning Survey services help capture complete as-built field construction data without causing disruption.
With terrestrial laser scanners, we provide detailed and highly accurate 3D data quickly and efficiently. Applications are broad and include:
– Architecture
– Buildings
– Ships
– Topography
– Mining
– Archaeology
– Monitoring

Point Cloud to BIM / CAD

You have the point cloud data – we have the know-how for efficient and reliable evaluation of the data in CAD. There are no limits for the evaluation in 3D and 2D, depending on your requirements we can work out everything for you down to the finest detail.
Our 3D CAD model service includes:
– Personal costumer guidance
– Timely evaluation
– Flexible drawing standards
– Highest quality standards

3D Visualization & 3D Product Visualization

With photo-realistic visualizations of entire structures down to the smallest detail in the room concept, your customers can see the finished project even before construction begins.
You will receive an all inclusive package:
– Comprehensive initial consultation to define needs and style
– Creation of a first preliminary specification for discussion
– Adjustment of the discussed specifications via phone call or email
– Delivery of the corrected version
– Fine-tuning and detail adjustments in consultation with the customer
– Final delivery that meets all the client’s expectations


We are experts in digitizing inventory plans. From scanning of 2D/2,5D Plans or also 3D Model, we will offer you everything you need. 
2D Digitization:
We transfer old plans semi-automatically into dimensionally accurate 2D CAD plans. Everything that is dimensionally available on the plans can also be read accordingly in the CAD plan.
3D Digitization
You have 2D planning basics but would rather develop your project in 3D? VMTS digitizes as-built drawings, with layer structure and plausibility check to 3D models for immediate further use in the CAD system of your choice.


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