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Virtual tour and online interactive visiting experiences

One of the consequences of the COVID-19 lockdown across the world has been that almost all cultural venues (museums, theaters, cinemas, Galerie arts, stores, etc.) are closed.

So how they are coping with the current emergency, which strategies are they developing for the future scenarios, which of them have enabled alternative ways to experience their exhibitions and collections which don’t require the physical presence of visitors?

For all cutural venues, one of the most effective ways to go digital is through offering virtual tours. They are an effective tool to allow audiences to experience museums, theaters, etc., remotely.

Case Study

In the framework of 70th commemorative year of Hungarian-Vietnamese diplomatic relations, the Embassy of Hungary has launched a digital fine arts exhibition entitled “ The Arts – The Ultimate Test of Diplomacy”, featuring 83 artworks from 30 Hungarian outstanding authors.

Now, viewers can go virtual for a 360-degree walk-through od this exhibition at in greater detail, enjoy the trailer of inauguration ceremony and explore the virtual guided tour of the vernissage.

At VMT Solutions, we would love to assist you find out a solution with an innovative marketing strategy to separate you from your competitors. We offer 360° virtual tours services for hotels, resorts, restaurants, apartments, showrooms, offices, etc. A 360° virtual tour of your property on the web is a highly influential tool to promote your venue to your potential customers.

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