Recreating Ngo Mon gate through 3D mapping effects

When VMT Solutions (VMTs) first introduced to customers in Vietnam the application of 3D Laser Scanning technology. Most of them thought that it was a solution only suitable for projects related to heritage conservation.

However, after nearly 10 years of providing surveying services using 3D Laser Scanning technology in the Vietnam market. Vmts has proven that this solution can be applied in many different fields.

It brings many benefits to investors as well as added value. For example:
 + Factory surveying for equipment replacement, or DIGITAL TWIN conversion.
 + Surveying ship’s engine rooms in order to replace and install BWTS ballast water treatment systems.
 + Architectural surveying for renovation and repair.
 + Surveying topography, digitizing assets, and trees.
 + Surveying coal storage to calculate volume.

3D Laser Scanning technology shows its outstanding advantages in accuracy especially in multimedia art programs that apply 3D Mapping projection.

Most recently on the opening night of Hue Festival 2022, Ngo Mon Gate was recreated using 3D Mapping. This gave audiences and domestic and foreign tourists an overwhelming feeling, with a party of staged colours, sounds and lights. All the while elaborately displaying Ngo Mon Quan gate in the background.

In addition to the main details, the audience also had the opportunity to admire every detail of the angular dragon and phoenix pattern located at a very far position on the roof of Ngo Mon Quan. Highlighted by the change of rhythm and gentleness of light colors throughout the show.

The 3D Mapping projection unit first needed to have a highly accurate 3D model of the current state of the Ngo Mon Quan gate. This was a prerequisite before proceeding to the rest of the steps: lighting, scripting and sound.

VMT Solutions is proud to be a part of these 3D Mapping shows in Vietnam performed recently. We have a team of highly qualified and professional engineers, well-trained for each specific service related to the field of surveying.

In addition to each type of service and customer request, we can customise the processing to ensure the highest possible accuracy.

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