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A customer who had experienced multiple failures while implementing Laser Scanning to BIM for their factory reached out to us, seeking assistance. They wanted us to share their story of the Laser Scanning to BIM deployment process as a reference for other companies to learn from Summarize the article To achieve accurate 3D BIM modeling

Performing a 3D Laser Scanning survey for construction projects, factories, and schools is a crucial step that demands utmost accuracy. This serves as fundamental data to create precise renovation drawings as well as generate a 3D digital twin. The initial survey stage, if not carried out correctly by a team of engineers with specialized knowledge

Though we started applying laser scanning in Vietnam as early as 2009, only a few clients in Vietnam saw the advantages of this technology. Recently, however, more clients have expressed interest in leveraging this new technology to optimize their processes. We’ll start sharing a use case that we’re applying to help an interior design company

Our VMT Solutions team had a blast at our end-of-year party!🎉🎉🎉 We are so proud of our professional team members who have committed and collaborated with the stable growth of VMT Solutions, let review unforgettable memories at Recognition for 5th year working of the loyal and the best performance employee at Year-End Party 2022. 🤗

The League of VMTs–SSIFT-BlackSwiss team had a blast at QTSC’s Football tournament on Monday (1️⃣1️⃣-0️⃣) in the last two weeks, but we lost the next match by 8️⃣ goals on this Monday and missed out on the semifinal. Next year we’ll get that trophy 🏆!!!    

There is no secret that fun and creative spaces can spur new ideas, build company camaraderie and create an employee culture that plays as hard as it works! Our staff love a break-out space that’s separate from the usual work area and we want to make sure that the fun workplace can help them to

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The first lesson of newbie “A BIM model should not only look nice, but also conform to the representative criterias of the architecture, BIM Standard or drawing standard of any client, partner, etc. Defintely, you would be very proud of that you could model a beautiful and impressive spaceship in 3D ArchiCAD, but whether its

Recreating Ngo Mon gate through 3D mapping effects When VMT Solutions (VMTs) first introduced to customers in Vietnam the application of 3D Laser Scanning technology. Most of them thought that it was a solution only suitable for projects related to heritage conservation. However, after nearly 10 years of providing surveying services using 3D Laser Scanning

Last Friday was an amazing final round of the ArchiCAD BIM Competition 2022. The project Presentations of all the ten best teams were presented clearly and very creatively. All the members were so talent and full of energy. It was such a beautiful moment when we were honoured to give the first prize to 2