Stage house

On behalf of the customer, VMT Solutions created a 3D model of a stage house from the point cloud of the as-built survey using a 3D laser scanner.

We received 123 scans for the order execution. Based on our many years of experience, 80% of the point cloud data contains errors.

Without our correction, these inaccuracies and errors would be incorporated into the 3D model. For this reason, we detect and repair the point cloud data before modeling the 3D BIM model.

Through our specially developed workflow, we can guarantee the accuracy and precision of the data. After the data has been processed by VMTS, all point cloud shifts are corrected, and the data is ready for evaluation.

The 3D evaluation of all architectural elements was done in 3D AutoCAD according to the customer’s requirements. All columns, beams, floors, ceilings, walls, windows as well as doors were displayed exactly from point cloud.

A big praise for the good cooperation with our colleagues from VMT Solutions.

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