Laufen Castle – Switzerland

Laufen Castle , the castle overlooking Europe’s largest waterfall, is imbued with history and an atmosphere of authenticity, nobility and internationality. Located just 47 kilometres from Zurich Airport. The visitors’ centre and castle are easily reached on the Zurich side of the waterfall by a double glass-enclosed lift. The Schloss Laufen railway station is only a 6-minute walk away.


To capture and model the exterior, interior architectural and dimensional details of a historical architecture. Which has a variety of door and window openings, various levels of roofing.


Included 406 point cloud files, 2D drawings exterior and interior. And a 3D model of the exterior and interior of the building. Which included features such as all window and door trim, stone copings, cornices.

The client received also a series of 747 photographs stitched together. And overlaid on top of the 3D model from each scan location.



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