Old Town Schaffhausen

Point Clouds to BIM Service Vietnam | 3D Laser Scanning for Cutural Heritage


Medieval Old Town Schaffhausen is located in Eastern Switzerland / Liechtenstein. The old town houses are richly decorated with oriels and preciously painted house facades. The municipality of Schaffhausen wanted to fully document the current state of historical buildings exposed to aging processes in order to be able to detect damage to the building fabric and deformations. The comprehensive 3D data form a valuable archive for the future. And also serve as a basis for building contract documents as well as optimized execution planning.




VDE AG (Switzerland) is responsible for laser scanning of the southern part of the Old Town Schaffhausen with the support of 3D laser scanner Riegl VZ-400i. From the point clouds collected by VDE with color values, VMT Solutions has created a 3D model. The combination of years of experience in dealing with the point cloud processing and the software developed by ourselves, the 3D model of state of the old town was very well implemented. The result is highly precise and corresponds exactly to the Swiss standard required by the customer.

Total area: 24,608 m2
Number of point cloud files: 167 files
Captured with Riegl VZ400i Point Cloud Scanner.


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