• There is no secret that fun and creative spaces can spur new ideas, build company camaraderie and create an employee culture that plays as hard as it works! Our staff love a break-out space that’s […]

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    The first lesson of newbie “A BIM model should not only look nice, but also conform to the representative criterias of the architecture, BIM Standard or drawing standard of any client, partner, etc. Defintely, you […]

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    6 POINTS TO A LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP Contracting out the analysis of inhouse point cloud data to an external Pointcloud to BIM partner is showing an increasing trend due to the high demand for CAD and […]

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    Accuracy is a crucial concern when performing a 3D laser scanning survey. During more than ten years of serving on point cloud data processing, our customers always come up with the same question: “Can we […]

  • Identifying bridge deformation using laser scanning data Linh Truong-Hong1, Roderik Lindenbergh1 1 Dept. of Geoscience & Remote Sensing, Delft University of Technology, Delft, Netherlands, (l.truong; r.c.lindenbergh@tudelft.nl)   2 Dept. of Research and Development (R&D), VMT […]

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    Why we are better than our competition? Challenge and/or Problem We use input data from our customers, what happens if the input data is not accurate enough? Based on our many years of experience, 80% […]

  • Creating 3D ArchiCAD Models from point cloud, you need reliable and qualified partner. Your company offers comprehensive services in various fields of monument and building surveying. But your clients can not work directly with the […]

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    Residential Building Surveying | Creating 3D ArchiCAD Model from point cloud Tasks: – This residential building was surveyed in June 2019 and is being renovated. It consists of 6 buildings with more than 100 apartments, […]

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    Outsourcing Service Point Cloud to BIM – Burgdorf Hospital Spital Emmental is a famous system of hospital in Switzerland include: Spital Burgdorf and Spital Langnau. In 2014, Building and Maintaining Spital Burgdorf project has begun. […]