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3D Laser Scanning Technology For Cultural Heritage Applications

With the invitation from leader of Quang Trung software city for contributing and exhibiting some typical solutions in the 15 years anniversary of QTSC. VMTs company is honored to contribute for the technology exhibition area “3D Laser Scanning for Cultural Heritage Applications technology”

Heritage preservation and restoration are difficult works because it need strict management and implementation process. There are a lot of Vietnamese heritages are currently losing their value due to the unprofessional conservation based on scientific standards

The trend of applying 3D laser scanning technology to restore heritages as virtual data is developing widely in the world. 3D laser scanner can create a document. And save almost of the building as digital data that can measure and share easily. In the past, the price and the complexity of handling 3D image technology are problems.

However, with the emergence of many devices and software support, we can apply it easily. The solution of VMT Solutions combine many factors: modern technology, self-develop scan software, accurate working process according to Swiss standards. This is one of some typical solutions from VMT Solutions company which is reputed for domestic and foreign customers.

At the exhibition, we will present technologies, processes and applications in an readily understood way by using illustration videos. Welcome customers to visit our exhibition area. It is our pleasure to welcome you.

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