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VMT Solutions provide a comprehensive data capture service using the latest 3D laser scanning and LiDAR technology to carry out point cloud surveys. This allows us to virtually map everything from large scale city models to very small industrial components.

3D Laser Scanning

We can utilise a range of 3D laser scanners each with different capabilities, ranges, speed durability and accuracies. When an item or site is scanned, a very accurate 3D data set known as a point cloud is generated.

A point cloud is made up of millions of points of data each with a 3D value in space. Most scanners also record the reflectivity of a surfaces generating an intensity value and many now also have inbuilt cameras to apply colour in the form of an rgb value to each point.

Laser scanning is rapidly replacing traditional survey methods due to its fast data capture rates and superior accuracy. 

3D Laser Scanning for cultural heritage applications

In this field, we use the most modern technology for measuring. Firstly, we measure the actual state of building by 3D laser scanners. After that, we will transform it tot exact models with these data in our office.

The building will be set up into a 3D model with milimeter accuracy in every details , then export it to detailed drawings.

The solutions provides an ability to store projects as 3D models, as well was easy virtual editing, restoration and a foundation for experts to judge the feasibility before start constructing.

With experienced and skilled staffs, we have sucessfuly implemented some huge building such as: Laufen Castle, Burgdorf Hospital, Swiss Barrack, and many other civil and industrial projects.

3D laser Scanning Services


VMTs offer a range of building measurement services. Utilising highly accurate 3D point cloud information as a base we can produce a diverse range of products including: Building Information Models (BIM), Typically delivered in ArchiCAD ( Revit available), 3D CAD models. Point clouds and panoramic images can also be specified as deliverables. Our team will work with you to develop your scope and deliver the right product for you.


VMTs produce as-built surveys and clash detection analysis for a range of industrial applications from Power Stations to Oil installations. Utilising point cloud data as a basis, we can provide a bespoke product to suit your particular need. Whether it be 3D CAD based (DWG, DGN etc.) or intelligent PDMS databases and models, our team will work with you to provide a solution to your unique requirements.


Utilising our extensive experience VMTs provide highly accurate documentation for the recording of heritage sites. As well as 2D or 3D CAD deliverables we can also supply a range of photographic or scan based deliverables from panoramic imagery, virtual tours and walkthroughs to high resolution orthoimages.


At VMTs we have a wealth of dimensional control experience. We offer as-built surveys for offshore installations (oil rigs) and vessels.

Our offshore laser scanning teams can mobilise quickly and are ready to deploy to any location. When you need us, we’ll be there.


3D Laser Scanning - VMT Solutions

Our work is very accurate (sub mm)

You can see stunning visual results in 3D

Our scanning techniques are suitable for hazardous environments

We ensure minimum disruption

We offer very fast data capture

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